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Vegeta "YES!!!!" Vegeta "YES!!!!"

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Eh, Vegeta's reaction was funny, but another reviewer was right, it should have been Nappa on the other end of the phone with Vegeta. Having it be the version guy is kinda cliche...

DBZ: Vegeta's Attire! 0.0 DBZ: Vegeta's Attire! 0.0

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I'll never think of Saiyan armor the same way...

I'll never think of Saiyan armor the same way again. I'd love to see this & Vegeta's reaction in the canon haha.

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Stop asking me that!!! Stop asking me that!!!

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Hahaha love it!

Haha short but funny. I love it. :)

Mario the Emo Mario the Emo

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This was pretty funny...

This was pretty funny, especially the first time he sings "How could this happen to me..." I cracked up laughing. It makes me want to play old school Mario again. :D